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Tase's Wantdex: Index

Well, with the advent of DPPt RNG abuse, I'm replacing most of what I have. and Since I didn't have that much to begin with anyway, there are TONS of things I want bred! I have these listed as flawless since I prefer them as such, but a few points off less important stats will be accepted as well. Note, if you offer me half trade rights (i.e. we both can redistribute) it will count as an actual "Breeding Project" and credits will be given to you according to the key below. If you're not giving me trade rights, it'll be a simple 1 for 1. If you have something that fits my criteria on this list, or that comes close, simply let me know!

Credits for BPs with trade rights:
Tri- or Quad-Flawless = +2 credits
Quint- or Sextuple-Flawless = +4 credits
Meets minimum IV/Hidden Power criteria = +1 credit
2 useful egg moves = +1 credit
3-4 useful egg moves = +2 credits
Breeding something that has 2 abilities = +1 credit
If it's a Platinum shiny = +1 credit
If you offer me a competitive spitback I want = +1 credit each

My Wants (Bred)
My Wants (Caught and Other)

Why is Tase the best person to do projects for?

I do not have "pre-set" breeding projects that I assign and that get taken up in a few minutes' time--unlike most people with Breeding Project sections. I allow you to select from my very extensive wants list to find a project that is of use and interest to you. I also pay for breeding projects with trade rights very generously, depending on the outcome. This means convenience all around, but particularly for people who don't have many pokemon to offer or who are new to the trading scene.